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Frequently Asked Questions for the BYOU Partners

We've received so many questions from you lately, that we're happy to answer them all here.

What are the benefits of working with the BYOU Partners app?

If you've always wanted the freedom to work where you get paid for the value you deliver, work the hours that suit you best, do the treatments that make you happiest, and work in the location that you want then there is no choice but to download The BYOU Partner app.

How does it work?

Download The BYOU Partner app in the AppStore or Playstore. Do download the Partners app, because this is your online salon management app. Or for other experts in Beauty and lifestyle, you can also call it the Online business management app.

Once you have downloaded the app press sign up.
Fill in the questions along with your portfolio or resume.

Once we have approved your application, you can login with your phone number. You will then receive an OTP code to access the app.

To be visible online go to SETTINGS. Go to salon address and use your location facility the first time to become visible online on The luxury beauty app that is meant for your customers.

You can also specify here your services or treatments that you like to do. Whether it's beauty treatments, blow-dry, waxing, manicures, personal training sessions or coaching.

You are your own boss.

You can also enter your own prices according to your wishes and how long a session lasts. This is important because of your schedule.

If you have a salon where you sell products, you can also sell them through the BYOU app. See it as a home delivery service for Beauty or Lifestyle. In cooperation with our Delivery team, the products will be delivered to your client within 1 hour. You don't have to worry about anything, just make sure the products are neatly packed to be delivered by the Delivery Guy. Fast Delivery!

If you press the + on the "Add products" page you will be directed to your payment system. Sign up for Stripe and fill in the remaining questions to activate your payment system. So you always have your earnings at hand. Super anyway!

On the page AVAILABILITY, you can connect your agenda with your agenda. Here you determine your working hours and the times when you want to have a break.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know. Feel free to ask all your questions.

What are the costs of working as a Luxury Beauty Expert with you?

It is free of charge!
Even the online management system you get from us for free. No weird monthly fees, no start-up costs.

You get your LuxuryBeauty profile where you can offer your services and products. Where you can tell something about yourself and where your reviews are.
You only pay a 15% commission on every order your clients make. If you have no appointment you pay nothing. So only win-win with us.

But no worries!
This 15% commission you can count in the prices that you may determine. Every luxury beauty expert is unique with unique talents so look at what you think your services are worth. The more loyal you are to your client the more loyal they are to you.
We don't ask you for money for anything else.
After all, we know very well how hard you worked to get where you are today!

Because we strive for loyalty and beauty from the inside out. Because when you feel good, you do good!

What does your partnership with UBER mean?
- We would like to offer you the solution to arrive at your customer with all ease and safety.

- It ensures that you can easily carry your belongings.

- You do not have to worry about a parking spot, UBER just drops you off in front of the door.

- More sustainable. We try to make sure that UBER will pick you up and drop you off in an electric car.

Because we strive for loyalty and safety we offer you an extra €5,00 discount on every ride you make with Uber in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Het Gooi and Utrecht.

The choice is free to go with your transportation or with UBER. The Uber feature is integrated into the Luxury Beauty Expert app.

I signed up for the Luxury Beauty Expert app, but then the app did nothing. What should I do now?

Yes, the Luxury Beauty Expert app may go back to the page where you started during your signup. That means you'll have to wait a while for the administrator to approve you. You will receive an email with a welcome message.
Don't forget to send along any documents so the administrator can get to know you a little better.

Do you offer services outside Amsterdam?

Yes, we offer services outside of Amsterdam. Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Het Gooi.
We are planning to expand outside the Netherlands as well;

Let us know where you're from and who knows, Luxury Beauty At Home might be coming your way soon!

How can I become part of the Luxury Beauty App?

Send us an email with your name, age, hometown, degrees or portfolio, services you would like to offer and more information about your unique talents.

Send an email to or download the LUXURY BEAUTY EXPERT app from the AppStore or Playstore.

The quickest way is still through The Luxury Beauty Expert app which I mentioned above.

I am an eyelash expert, can I work through the Luxury Beauty Expert app?

Yes, of course, if you can prove to us how good you are by sending us your portfolio, recommendations or videos you made before, we would love to welcome you to the Luxury Beauty At Home App!

I have a beauty salon, can I also offer my services through the Luxury Beauty App?

Yes, you can! That's what makes the Luxury Beauty App so great. You can offer your beauty treatments in your salon with the salon products you sell in your salon! So if you don't have any customers in your salon, you still make a profit when customers buy your salon products on your Luxury Beauty profile page. You don't have to worry about delivery and so on. We take care of everything for you through our lovely delivery people. You accept the order, and they pick up the products in your salon and bring them to your client in less than 1 hour. Very unique!

Even if you don't want to offer services in the app, you can still have your luxury beauty salon profile to offer your products in the app. This is how you care about making your customers happy and feel good!

Because when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good!

What does Fast Delivery at Home do?

Fast Delivery at home means that your customers will receive their products at home within 1 hour. No 24-hour delivery but order now, receive. Here you offer your customer a unique service that they will not get anywhere else. This ensures that your customers come back.

See it as the home delivery service or the Uber-eats for Beauty and Lifestyle. Fast home delivery.
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