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How Technology is Turning the Beauty Industry into a Digital Delivery Model

Meta: What happens when the beauty industry meets the delivery economy? Here’s how Luxury Beauty App is spurring a local shopping movement.


Digital technology has turned the beauty industry on its head, in a good way. Estimated to be worth a global collective of $511 billion, demand for beauty and personal care products is at an all-time high and growing every year.


We can attribute much of this interest to digital technologies ― social media, online stores, and the internet at large allow consumers to discover new brands and products that aren’t available locally. Social media influencers have revolutionized beauty marketing by demonstrating products’ potential and giving step-by-step tutorials, making even non-beauty mavens excited to try their hand at new products and techniques.


But for all the digital buzz about beauty, there remains a critical missing link between how products and services are discovered and how they are accessed by the end-user. These two activities often don’t take place in the same motion, and this disconnect could be preventing more brands, salons, and service providers from reaching a larger slice of their target audience.

Embracing the Digital Delivery Economy in the Beauty Industry

Technology is helping to fill the gap between the moment of discovery and the moment of purchase. To do this, new technologies like Luxury Beauty App are taking a page from the delivery economy playbook.


The delivery economy has gained steam in recent years (especially during the pandemic) as consumers fell in love with the idea of accessing goods quickly, cheaply, and consistently. But the costs and approaches of providing this level of service have excluded many beauty brands (including salons, stylists, and yoga instructors) that don’t fit into existing delivery solutions. What’s more, lengthy shipping options have caught a lot of flack from sustainably-minded consumers, ushering in a new era of local shopping.


To combat both of these challenges, Luxury Beauty App creates a digital delivery economy specific to the beauty industry. The app partners with local experts in the beauty industry to put their products and services in the hands of nearby audiences. It’s the next-level era of providing personalised experiences at scale and putting technology to work without getting technical.

Creating All-Inclusive Experiences for Brands and Beauty Mavens

The app serves as a hub where customers can discover and purchase beauty items and services in a single space — no more separate experiences. Users can find local services, such as spas and salons, book a service on the spot, or even have products delivered to them within 30 minutes from local providers.


Luxury Beauty App founder Danique Motzheim believes that product development will also be more sustainable and personalised by technology. “Social selling continues to be the strongest marketing for the beauty industry. and having a full retail experience on your mobile phone can not only spur more sales, but also create more sustainable transport.”


“The love we create in the world of beauty is to provide more than just a product or service. It’s the expression that luxury is for everyone.”


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