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How to book an hairdresser when on holiday?

Hi Luxury beauty's,

How are you all doing? Are you ready for some exiting beauty news?

For something you always struggled with when you are outside your own country. When you are on holiday or when you are on a business trip and in an highly need of an hairdresser, haircut or beauty treatment but couldn't find any good hair salon you can trust? We have all struggle with that issue right?

Let us explain you what we have created for your beauty treatments when you are abroad and need an haircut as soon as possible. To find a great hair salon or hairdresser we have google, but it is so hard to get trough all the websites right? Or even finding them on social media? The most hairdressers in an other country are talking their own language on their website, whats make it so hard to get the right hairdresser for your hair. 

We have done all the work for you to find a good, trusted hairdresser. You can find all the mobile hairdressers or hair salons at the Luxury Beauty app. 

You may find them on The Luxury Beauty gram where they show you their portfolio, or you can just go straight to their profile page in English.

Let us explain how it works. Just a few clicks an you will have your hair done as soon as you wanted.

If you download the Luxury Beauty app, sign in and choose your service from the category list. Let's say for now, you need an haircut. Choose HAIRSTYLING.

Then you see all the hair salons and mobile hairdressers on the map. If you switch on your location function on your mobile phone, you see all the hairdressers around you. If you

If you click on the logo, you see the name of the hairdresser or .

Click on the name and you see what they are offering. Their services for man and woman, if they offering services at your location and services at the salon. The choose is yours!

Let's say you are a woman and you want to have a haircut at your apartment. 

Click on services >  woman > Location > Hairstyling > haircut (short) > + > swipe down > BOOK NOW > choose your date and time when you want to have your haircut at your apartment. > add some extra information about your haircut if you want to > add your location. Click on NEXT.

At the next page you see an overview of your booking. Double check if everything is good for you.

Choose your payment methode. IDEAL or by creditcard. many more different payment methodes are coming!

If you choose IDEAL, you will see an overview of your cost. Click CONFIRM.

The next page is the payment system, so for IDEAL, the system will bring you to your bank application.

After you payed for your booking. The hair salon or the mobile hairdresser will receive a notification. The Luxury Beauty expert confirm the booking and you will receive a notification on your mobile phone that the hairstylist is on his way to you.

Enjoy you wonderful hair treatment & we would love to see you again at The Luxury Beauty app.


Sweet loves,

Team Luxury Beauty at home 

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