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How to sell more salon products?

Your professional salon products directly in the hands of the customer.

Hee Luxury Beauty Experts,

Today we would like to give you tips about your products, because how can you sell more professional products in your beauty salon or hair salon? In the salon itself but also online and what can we do for you in the field of online product sales. Are you reading? This article is full of tips!

Salon sales:

We start with the sale in your salon. Let's see how things are now. Are your salon products visible at the glance of your customer? Are they nicely arranged? Information about the products?

As soon as your customer enters your salon, the products must already be visible to your customer, so that she knows that she can also buy products that you may use during the treatment or that you will be told about during the treatment. This makes it easier for the customer to make the choice to buy your product.

During the treatment it is very good to advise the customer on how best to take care of her hair or skin at home. Tell her the possible consequences if she doesn't and tell her what she can do about it through your products.

This is absolutely no smearing, you support your customer to keep them looking good. By giving advice to your customer you build a loyal bond, which ensures that the customers will grant it to you and come back for your expertise.
Every Beauty Expert is unique and so is your expertise. Uses that.

Another great tip for selling your salon products in your salon is promotions. We Dutch are crazy about promotions. I also show visibly in your store that there is a great promotion.
different promotions can be that they get the 2nd product for half or the 3rd product for free. Maybe a 15% discount. Get started with what is feasible for you. Make sure you still make a profit on it otherwise you will only get yourself in trouble and that is a shame.

Giving a nice sample always works very well.

Sell you salon products in Monaco and New York

Online e-commerce sales:

You can also announce the product sales of your salon on your website.
We understand very well that you do not want to deal with administration, run a webshop or be busy with shipping. You want to focus on helping your customer, where you get your pleasure.

That's why we want to help you avoid having to do all of this.
We built our Luxury Beauty platform to move salon owners in freedom. So that they can do the things they really enjoy doing.

We treat your beauty products from your salon or shop with the same care and speed as you do in your own salon or shop.
We take care of the administration for you, but also the entire webshop construction of your products and the entire logistics delivery.

how we do this? We are happy to explain that to you further.

How do I sell more products in my store?

Especially today, social distance has dramatically changed the purchasing behavior of shopping. Fewer and fewer people enter the shopping streets, which can also reduce the flow in your salon.

Luxury Beauty At Home breaks this annoying movement. Generate additional sales to your beauty or hair salon online. Through The Luxury Beauty app.

A platform where your salon is completely online. Where you do not have to worry about the incoming flow of customers who walk in or that you have to sort out the administration or shipping yourself. We have set this all up for you in 1 simple application.

The Luxury Beauty App extends the existing e-commerce and retail infrastructure by making inventory visible in one store.

This single overview of the stock and product information provides real-time insight into the availability of products in the salon with our 30 minute delivery. The same feel-good factor of a purchase in the salon, now online.

Register your salon or shop now or download The Luxury Beauty Expert app.

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