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Luxury Beauty Fast Delivery within minutes

How sustainability, innovation and lightning-fast delivery go together in the world of technology.

Changes in consumption, the rise of e-commerce and the expectations of consumers who are increasingly concerned about sustainability, serviceability, personalization and traceability: are just some of the challenges we face.
Supporting our global growth across the five continents is another key challenge
All of these challenges must be addressed. To serve both Luxury Beauty Experts and our consumers, we have embarked on a transformation process that will take us into an era of outstanding performance.

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Danique Motzheim founder of the Luxury Beauty platform, explains the details.

What is the role of the Luxury Beauty Experts?

The Luxury Beauty experts are the suppliers consisting of all Experts in the field of Beauty, Wellness and lifestyle. Those who enable us to deliver products and services.

Globally, thousands of orders are shipped around the world every second to 8 different types of distribution channels, such as hair and beauty salons, mass market, e-commerce, and travel stores. So we are directly connected to the market - and consumers' expectations. People's expectations can change rapidly.

What are the current consumer trends?

Consumer habits are constantly changing, and for us, this is both a challenge and an incredible source of motivation. The share of e-commerce sales is constantly rising. And the recent health crisis has only accelerated that trend. Consumers also have new expectations.

For example, when it comes to online sales, people expect a perfect delivery service, with an increasingly short delivery time, the quality of the packaging as good as when they bought it in the store, and all this while respecting the environment.
Another example is the huge success of consumer events such as Black Friday in the United States and Single's Day in China.
These events force us to be more agile and flexible.

Our goal today is to build the supply chain of tomorrow, one that truly makes a difference in the eyes of the consumer and the growth of all member salons, stores, and beauty and lifestyle experts. "

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How does Luxury Beauty At Home align with the sustainability statement?

Because it is at the heart of the interactions between the Luxury Beauty Experts and the customer. They are an important role in our sustainable transformation and our commitment to people and nature.

One of Luxury Beauty At Home's key ambitions is to be completely free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Entirely by bike or electric vehicle.

How can we achieve our goal?
One route is our development of "green delivery" solutions that use low-carbon transportation. We also aim for zero single-use plastic by the end of 2020 in all our distribution centers in terms of padding and adhesive tape in packages; It is a commitment we are making at every level of the supply chain. We are accelerating this process, not only to meet the needs of a constantly changing world but also to respond to the major human and environmental challenges we all face.

What role does agility play in this transformation?

Agility is the first pillar of our strategy, and in practice, it means the ability to respond to market expectations in real-time.

How do you keep service at the heart of your ambitions?

We want to provide the best possible customer experience, in terms of speed, cost, quality and sustainability.


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