Our exclusive partnership with UBER - BYOU

Our exclusive partnership with UBER

We announce you a new way of the Luxury Beauty Lifestyle

Luxury Beauty At Home in partnership with UBER!

We all use our smartphone to buy fashion online, get our food delivered to our home, and know you can get your ride straight from your house or salon to bring you to your costumer, with one click on the Luxury Beauty App!

When founder Danique Motzheim used Uber-eats in the morning, she saw an opportunity to bring beauty to her. 
“How great would it be that I can just stay at home a get a nice warm massage in the comfort of my own home.” That is how everything started out.

She build up the Luxury Beauty At Home App in collaboration with her makeup brand Luxury Beauty Cosmetics and find some really good beauty experts in Amsterdam and Rotterdam who would love to make people feel beautiful wherever they are.

That is exactly where Luxury Beauty At Home stands for; Freedom, Caring and Luxury.

We bring Luxury beauty products and services to your home, office or hotel.

Luxury Beauty At Home Partner by Uber

How does it works? 

Go to the Luxury Beauty Expert App if you are a beauty, wellness or lifestyle professional and login to your account.

If you get an appointment, you can use between your own ride or ride by Uber. If you use Uber, login with your unique email address from luxury beauty at home and Uber will pick you up in style and bring you to your costumer. 
When you finish your services, Uber will pick you up with one click on a bottom!

Easy and fast as you can expect from on-demand beauty services.

Become a Pro and have that Luxury Beauty Lifestyle for yourself. Send your motivation with your portfolio by mail: info@luxurybeautyathome.com

Or sign up at the Luxury Beauty Expert app on IOS and ANDROID.

Luxury beauty AppStore and Playstore

For more information about Uber, go to their website: www.uber.com

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