The Luxury Beauty podcast with the global thought leader in Personal training

Our first podcast is live with The Global Thought Leader in Personal Training

Hello and welcome back by the Luxury Beauty Podcast,

It's a blessing to be here with you today.

My name is Danique Motzheim, the Founder of The Luxury Beauty app and the host of this podcast. 

In this episode of The Global Thought Leader Mindset, we have a very special guest for you.

His name is Remco Van Der Tas, Personal Trainer in Zoetermeer.

He went from Salesman from one of the biggest Technology companies in the world, to someone who change peoples lives. 

By listening to this podcast you will learn how to break down your limited and self-doubt thought patterns, to achieving your highest goals.

From fear, to just go and do it! I wanna thank Remco for sharing his knowledge to you and the world.

If you wanna know more about Remco van der Tas, go to his website:

Or go to and find all the information you need for creating a better impact in this world yourself. 

Thank you for listening and I would love to see you again with another inspiring guest.

Sweet loves,

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