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The Luxury Beauty Gram social media platform

The Luxury Beauty Gram, the new social media channel for Beauty & lifestyle launches in 2021!

We are so excited to let you use a whole new form of social media soon and this time it will be all about Beauty and Lifestyle.

Because how irritating is it when you scroll through your Facebook and you see so many advertisements, so much nonsense and all fake news? You just want to be inspired by new beauty and lifestyle products, learn new techniques or just relax.

That will soon be possible!
A new Luxury Beauty platform without annoying commercials and fake news.

The Luxury Beauty Gram.

This is special for our Luxury Beauty Experts:
Share your beauty treatment, makeup photos, personal training sessions, group training, weight loss results, and nail styling and you name it for your customers!

You can also sell your products that are in your online salon. You sell your products, by linking your post on The Luxury Beauty Gram to your online salon shop. Your customer clicks on the picture you posted and clicks through to your online salon to buy the product, our Luxury Beauty Delivery Riders will come and pick it up and bring it to your customer!
Without you having to worry about sales, marketing or shipping.

We take care of everything for you, so you can do the things you like most!

The new business management system is in your pocket from marketing, sales, management, and HR to revenue tracking.

A completely new social shopping experience, where customers upload and display photos of themselves wearing your products via the social media platform by The Luxury Beauty Gram.


Just like our favourite social media sites, consumers can see selfies tagged with cosmetics used in user-created makeup and hair looks. Our beauty enthusiasts collect and share beauty tips through various social properties such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest and now they can do the same on The Luxury Beauty Gram


.The luxury Beauty gram social media platform 

We are the Revolution in Beauty Tech!

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