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Transforming the Salon & Retail experience.

Let's Talk about Beauty Technology

The beauty and cosmetics industry is massive, with its valuation above the $532 billion. However it is just the last decade that the Beauty industry sees the positive impact of technology. 

If we look at how our world has changed in recent years, how we use our cell phones and what we as consumers consider important, then beauty technology has also innovated enormously.

Look at last years, through corona, the global lockdowns and how careful we are now in contact with other people around us. Also touching stuff that has made our behavior change.

Especially if we look at artificial intelligence ( AI ), augmented reality ( AR ) and technical devices that we now use in salons, on our mobile phone and in stores to measure our beauty and health. 
What means AI?

Simply put, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems or machines that mimic our own intelligence to perform tasks and can improve themselves in the process based on the information collected.

The growth of Beauty Technology 
At CES January 2020, we saw a huge growth of more than 10% in the field of beauty technology.
Procter & Gamble's Opté developed a " printer"  for your skin, which can remove color spots and dark stains.
L'Oréal came out with an innovative product at CES. L'Oréal Perso, which collects environmental data and skin diagnostics to blend cosmetics for use. It's incredible how companies increase in Beauty technology nowadays.

The future of beauty is becoming more and more personal.
Companies in the beauty industry focus more on personalisation. The formulas for their products. It's all created by Beauty Technology. Because not everyone has these luxury products and innovations in their pocket, but we see these great and luxurious innovations coming closer and closer to us in the comfort of our own homes.


Luxury beauty AI AR Technology 2021

Look at The Luxury Beauty app, now you don't have to go on the road to go to your hair salon nearby. Your favoriete hair salon is now coming to you! The stylist will be picked up by Uber Green (electric cars) and she will be brought to your home for your necessary haircut or hairstyling. Have the ultimate salon experience now in the comfort of your own home. So no more worries about whether you would make your beauty appointment on time. Beauty Technology is there for your convenience to make life easier on your own terms.

To create a personalized product for consumers by artificial intelligence, there has been years of data collected to create this feedback between personalized products and how affectieve this would be. 

You may also see it coming by more and more, the makeup mirror in apps. They can analyze your skin through the camera on your phone and recommend the right products for your skin. With the Luxury Beauty app you have these products within 60 minutes at home!

Innovation at a rapid pace.

Since the corona era, more and more major brands are looking at how they can innovate in the field of online beauty technology. AR technologies will be the future here. From education at home, to reducing the need to touch the products and testers.

How to have the Salon Experience at home by Luxury Beauty?

Imagine yourself seeing your new hair color on your mobile phone before you even met your hairstylist. 
Customers will be able to experiment with different virtual hair colours on the Luxury Beauty app using augmented reality ( AR ).

Amazon Salon has this technology in London.
But how would it be for you to have the same salon experience in the comfort of your own house? 
Seeing your new look on your mobile phone, send it out to your favorite hairstylist and she will come to you, so you can have that new hair colour you already saw it by yourself. 
By analyzing your hair or skin the artificial intelligence gives you the feedback of what your hair or skin needs. 
Have that personalized experience on your mobile phone.
Put your new (hair colour) selfie on The Luxury Beauty Gram and ask your friends what they like. 
Try out different kinds of hair colours, make a selfie and put it out there. 
The Luxury Beauty Gram is integrated into The Luxury Beauty app to share your favorite products, treatments or your selfies by using the AR on the app.
Your new hairstyle would never be so perfect without the right hair products so let's get them right-a- a-way! 
Use the AR function on The Luxury Beauty app, try out different kinds of products, order the ones you love and have it in less than 60 minutes in your hands. 
How is that possible?! 
It's the retail experience just in your own house. Go through all the products you like, or ask the Luxury Beauty artificial intelligence ( AI ) what you need. 
She will be your personal assistant on your mobile phone. 
But most of all,
we fight against climate change by using green transport. 
Our partnership with Uber Green is very important to us and our stylists, to bring them carbon-free to their customers. 
Even the products on The Luxury Beauty app will be delivered with (e-)bikes. 
You may not believe it but we still run it within our 60 minutes delivery. That is why we choose to have the products local, to reduce the transport by trucks. 
We believe this will be the future of beauty technology without even noticing that they are using technology.


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