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Social Selling by The Luxury Beauty Gram.

In a world of social media, where Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok moves the world into business. 

Social media are fast channels. This means that questions on social media need to be answered quickly. A study by InsideSales shows that questions from prospects that are followed up within 5 minutes, have a nine times higher chance of conversion. If you want to succeed with social selling make sure you can follow up on content downloads or online questions quickly.

A study by Liz Gelb-O'Çonnor shows that organizations that use social selling are 50% more likely to achieve their sales targets. An infographic from the state of Social Selling 2016 shows that 63.4% of social sellers see an increase in business sales.

The Luxury Beauty Gram for social selling

How to deploy social selling for B2C and B2B.

In many cases, the social selling process within B2C and B2B is not comparable. For example, LinkedIn offers the Sales Navigator for lead generation and the character of the network is business oriented and less directly focused on consumers. For B2C, on the other hand, there are often sales opportunities on Pinterest, Instagram and forums. I explain how both sectors can take advantage of social selling in a short 5-step plan.

Step 1: Research

The first step in the social selling process is to find out where prospects are, or in other words what online channels they are active on. It is important to carefully research the messages of your target audience on these channels. How active is the target group per channel, what is the right tone-on-voice and how should I design my message? The Luxury Beauty Gram is for beauty and lifestyle lovers who are in the mood for an hair treatment at home, so why not sharing your hair treatments at The Luxury Beauty app?

Step 2: Objective

To assess results, it is important to formulate objectives. What do you want to achieve with social selling? Set these goals as SMART as possible. Are you working within the B2B? Then make a distinction between marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL). An MQL is a lead that has a high chance of becoming a customer, but is not yet ready to be approached. An SQL lead has been researched by a sales person or found good enough via automated lead scoring to be approached. Distinguishing between leads is important because in social selling you have to take into account the customer journey. An overly aggressive sales approach at the beginning of the journey can scare off a prospect.

Step 3: Application

There are several applications of social selling. Think of social selling via LinkedIn, monitoring, engagement and content marketing. Find out which applications are interesting for your company. Prospects only buy on trust so make sure that you win this trust through content. Make sure your content is valuable to your target audience. This creates conversations which you as a company can capitalize on by monitoring discussions and purchase intentions. Is your target group Beauty and lifestyle? Then make sure you use The Luxury Beauty Gram to use this channel optimally. Especially for B2C.

Step 4: Engagement

If you know where your prospects are and what message they find interesting you can adapt your online content and tune it to the different phases within the customer journey. Within (online) marketing the see-think-do-care framework is widely used. This framework is excellent for social selling.

Think Phase:

In the Think phase there are prospects who are considering buying a product or service in due course. These prospects already know what they want to buy but are now comparing products or services and seeing what best suits their needs. Within this phase, the goal is to get prospects to choose your product or service.

Social selling for salons and personal trainers

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Get Social!

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