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The Luxury Beauty app on Marketwatch 2020

We are featured on the American news website Marketwatch. Below we have translated the website for you. We would love it if you would also take a look at their website. The original report on The Luxury Beauty app.

April 14, 2020 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) - The Luxury Beauty app is an application that helps you get beauty, wellness and lifestyle products. Uber partners with the beauty app and your products are delivered to your home within 60 minutes. Taking care of your face, hair and nails no longer solves a problem as the luxury beauty app is your savior. You can have the products delivered to your home or any other location that you are present at the time. If you are a fashion freak or change your hairstyles often, then this luxury delivery luxury app is the best option for you.

Exclusive services by the Luxury beauty App

Taking care of your beauty and getting regular facials is a must to do if you want to stay looking young and beautiful. Coaching and training can be hired through the luxury beauty app. You need to download the app and you are ready to go. You can now order the beauty and professional salon products through the application and your order will be delivered to your home. You can experience and witness the luxury at your home with the help of the services of the luxury beauty app. You can notify the beauty experts about your location and they will be at the location without any delay.

How does the app work?

Let's talk about how this app will work, but you should keep the following things in mind.

You will be shown a map where you can contact all the salons and luxury beauty experts worldwide. The products and services are displayed in the app and you can easily choose the best one.
You have the option to choose the best beauty expert from the full range of salons. You have to click on the names of the experts in the list.
Let the app know where you want the product delivered. You can only book order if the location feature is enabled.
You will be notified when the delivery is on its way.

Become an expert or an exclusive partner

If you are looking for a job and want to earn the right amount, become a salon partner on this wonderful app. You can join a team of experts who are perfect for providing services to the customers. There are specialists, beauticians, and trainers in this big happy family. You can create a work schedule and become a member of their community where your talent is valued. If you want to become a business partner, you can also sell your salon products online without having to worry about shipping and handling costs. You can sign up for this app and everything is free. The dynamic app helps a lot of people tremendously, so why don't you join?
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