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Choose The Therapist Yourself by BYOU

Finding a therapist is easy, but finding the best one for you can be difficult. None of you will want to put your emotions and mental health in the hands of an inexperienced and unprofessional person.


BYOU virtual therapist choose a therapist yourself

Although your doctor may recommend a good therapist, choosing the perfect match for yourself is best. It is because you know what kind of therapy you need by finding out where you are struggling.

What to look for in a therapist?
A perfect therapist can speed up the recovery process and keeps the therapy instead of making it look like a burden1. A good therapist must have the following attributes:

Therapeutic Alliance
Choose a therapist with whom you can be comfortable and discuss the issue without hesitation. Make sure you are comfortable discussing your sensitive topic with your therapist. A better bond helps set therapy goals and fulfill them, so you must choose the therapist that suits you2.

Previous Experience:
Make sure you check out the experience and feedback of previous clients. It is now possible to check out the background and professional career through an online profile of the therapist. Don't be a therapist's first client! For that, ensure the person you're approaching has ample experience in the field to understand your issues.
Structured Approach:
Discuss with your therapist where you are struggling, and check how you chalk out the outline and goals of the therapy and how they will be fulfilled3.

Benefits of choosing a therapist on your own instead of a
doctor's recommendation:

Choosing a therapist on your own will give you a kind of self-satisfaction and self-confidence since you are selecting the therapist after doing proper research and checking if one is compatible with your behavior. This makes therapy much more effortless and smoother.

Personality fit:
Several studies say that the bond between a therapist and the patient determines the outcome of the therapy. When you choose a therapist, you ensure it fits your personality perfectly.

Better Communication; Best Outcome:
Choosing a therapist with whom you can be comfortable makes the therapy successful. The more you feel connected and engaged, the easier it is to discuss the issues and ultimately find their solution5.

Unconditional Positive regard:
Choosing a therapist based on your own decision gives the therapist a notion of trust, and he values your choice. This creates an effective mutual bond in which a therapist considers you a friend instead of a broken or dependent person.
The other benefits include the following:

• Your comfort and preference
• Cost-effective approach
• Credibility is insured
• Selection based on experience and expertise
• Better help and outcome


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