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Simple guide to Mindfulness by BYOU

Have you ever thought about being mindful? Do you understand what it means to be mindful?



Mindfulness is often confused with meditation; while both have some degree of similar aspects, they are quite distinctive. Being mindful means being aware of your thoughts, letting them flow as they are and being connected to your surroundings.


It is only natural that during busy times of the year, such as Christmas, one tends to get overwhelmed by the hubbub of the festivities. Practicing mindfulness often sounds intimidating. People usually complicate the techniques, but once you try them, it is quite simple.


To be mindful, you don't require an hour or two hours, but even ten minutes are enough to ground yourself. Sometimes we could all use grounding and staying in tune with our reality, especially when we feel like we might be getting too into our head about something. While most say that 'an empty brain is a happy brain', it is not entirely true. Being aware of your thoughts helps you streamline them.


Tips That Will Come in Handy

Find a quiet place for yourself where you won't be disturbed, and take ten minutes to let your thoughts flow just as they come.


Set a time of the day for yourself when you can practice simple mindful techniques.


The most important thing is to be kind to yourself. We often beat ourselves up over how we think and the negative thoughts we might have but know and understand that your thoughts don't shape you.


Kicking your emotions will never help. Deeming them unimportant will also not help, as you are the only person affected by these emotions. It is important to address them as they come instead of shutting them down.


Make it a goal. Make it important for yourself to reflect on your thoughts. Accept your thoughts because a lot of people think the way you do. You are not alone in this.


Always remember to be patient with it. This is something we often forget because we are always in a hurry to receive the results. Things take time, especially when it comes to something like mindfulness. It will take time for you to ease into it but be patient with it. Give yourself room to grow instead of jumping to conclusions and giving up entirely.


Notice when you are zoning it. It is only natural that we might start zoning out during random moments, but the key is to notice and acknowledge it so that you can understand what your mind is thinking and your body is feeling.


These are just a few tips, and I hope you will try to implement them. It all starts with baby steps. A few deep breathing techniques should help you, and remember to be patient with them. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are only human and that all our emotions, thoughts, and feelings are valid.

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