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Tony Robbins - how to create a long lasting impact?

Tony Robbins is a well-known motivational speaker, author, and philanthropist who has been involved in various charitable activities and initiatives. He has been associated with organizations and causes that aim to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities, which may include street children indirectly.

Here are some ways in which Tony Robbins has contributed to charitable efforts:

  1. Feeding America: Tony Robbins has been a supporter of Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that addresses hunger and food insecurity in the United States. He has made substantial donations and encouraged his followers to contribute to the cause.

  2. Global Youth Leadership Summit: Tony Robbins has organized and sponsored events like the Global Youth Leadership Summit, which aims to empower young people to become leaders and make a positive impact in their communities.

  3. Anthony Robbins Foundation: Tony Robbins established the Anthony Robbins Foundation, which supports a range of charitable endeavors. While the foundation's focus is broad, it has been involved in initiatives related to education, youth development, and human welfare.

  4. Disaster Relief: Tony Robbins has contributed to disaster relief efforts by providing financial support and organizing fundraisers to aid victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes and wildfires.

  5. Partnering with Other Organizations: He has collaborated with other nonprofit organizations and charities to support their missions and raise awareness about their causes.

His philanthropic efforts are aligned with broader goals of improving the well-being of disadvantaged individuals and communities. His contributions often focus on addressing issues such as hunger, education, and youth empowerment, which can indirectly benefit street children by addressing some of the root causes of their challenges.

Tony Robbins is one of our inspirations. We often watch videos or follow his programs. This (somewhat outdated) TED talk is also packed with inspiration.

In the video, he explains why you are responsible for your own success, happiness and fulfillment. An important lesson: you don't lack resources, you lack resourcefulness.

What Tony Robbins means by this is that you may indeed lack resources. Like time, money or technology, can always use resourcefulness to solve those problems. Creativity, perseverance or curiosity, for example.

But how do you deploy that resourcefulness? What is important to focus on? There are 6 needs that we as human beings need to a greater or lesser extent to be happy:

1. Certainty
2. Uncertainty (otherwise life becomes boring again, we do need variety)
3. Meaning
4. Connection and love
5. Personal growth
6. Contributing beyond ourselves (the secret of life is giving)

He also believes that everyone has an inner map to fulfill their needs. Therefore, if you are convinced that you cannot do something, you will never get there.

If we translate this to your business, 6 needs should also be reflected in your business. You need a certain security and also want to take steps outside your comfort zone to keep growing. You want to have meaningful work in which you help others move forward and connect with your customers.

Are you missing one or more of the basic needs in your business and how can you use your ingenuity to fulfill these needs?

Good luck!

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