Collection: The Ultimate Manicure & Pedicure Experience Right On Your Phone!

We’re either too busy, too tired, or just don’t have the time to drive to the salon. But what if the salon could come to you? Meet BYOU - the definitive self-care app tailored for both men and women, delivering holistic nail treatments from the world’s best, all in the comfort of your home.

Discover Global Trends from the Comfort of Home

With BYOU, it’s not just about the usual manicure and pedicure. Dive deep into a plethora of holistic treatments tailored for everyone, no matter where you are:

United States:

  • NYC & Miami: Revel in tropical infusions with our Coconut Bliss Nail Treatment.
  • Austin: Experience the Texan Rose Manicure, a treat for the senses.
  • San Francisco & Los Angeles: Bask in the Vegan Green Treatment for eco-conscious souls.
  • West Palm Beach: Enjoy the Oceanic Breeze Pedicure, a salve for weary feet.


  • London: Dive into the Royal Lavender Retreat for hands and feet.
  • Amsterdam: Indulge in the Dutch Tulip Petal Soak.
  • Monaco: Luxuriate in the Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub.
  • Warsaw: Relish the Polish Forest Manicure for nature lovers.
  • Marbella: Discover the Spanish Olive Oil and Lemon Soak.
  • Dublin: Delight in the Irish Cream Hand & Foot Pamper.
  • Paris: Surrender to the Romantic Rose Ritual.

Middle East:

  • Qatar & United Arab Emirates: Explore the Arabian Sand Scrub.
  • Kuwait & Saudi Arabia: Bask in the Desert Rose Treatment.
  • Bahrain: Experience the Pearl Glow Pedicure.
  • Shenzhen: Enjoy the Oriental Jade Hand Ritual.


  • Tokyo & Beijing: Dive into the Sakura and Lotus Blossom Retreat.
  • Shanghai: Savor the Oriental Teahouse Manicure.
  • Bengaluru: Relish in the Indian Spice Infusion Pedicure.
  • Kuala Lumpur: Discover the Tropical Rainforest Foot Soak.
  • Hong Kong & Singapore: Indulge in the Eastern Citrus Blast.

Virtual Lessons with Global Experts

BYOU doesn’t just stop at treatments. It provides you virtual lessons straight from nail experts in all these cities. Learn the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub from a veteran in Monaco or get tips on the Sakura and Lotus Blossom Retreat from a Tokyo-based specialist.


  1. Flexibility: Learn and pamper on your schedule.
  2. Global Insight: Access treatments and trends from around the world.
  3. Expertise: Learn from renowned professionals from the aforementioned cities.
  4. Holistic Approach: Emphasis on overall well-being, not just aesthetics.

BYOU For Men

Gone are the days when nail care was just a ‘feminine’ thing. Men's nail care is equally important, and BYOU recognizes that. From the rugged Arabian Sand Scrub to the refreshing Irish Cream Hand & Foot Pamper, men can now indulge in a range of treatments specifically curated for them.

BYOU - A Revolution in Self-Care

We understand that true beauty and care come from within. That’s why our treatments aren’t just skin deep. They resonate with the soul. With virtual lessons, insights into global trends, and treatments that speak to every individual, BYOU brings the world of holistic nail care to your fingertips.

Experience the world. Experience YOU. Experience BYOU.

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