Collection: The BYOU Manicure & Pedicure App for men and women

In the era of self-care and wellness, nails speak volumes about personal style and hygiene. Presenting BYOU, the ultimate manicure and pedicure app, an emblem of luxury and convenience, extending its services across prominent cities around the globe. From NYC to Tokyo, BYOU is transforming nail care, offering a plethora of holistic treatments for both men and women.

A World of Treatments at Your Fingertips

BYOU offers an extensive range of holistic nail treatments tailored to meet the unique needs of men and women. Virtual lessons from seasoned experts guide you through every step, ensuring you achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your home.

In the lively lanes of NYC and the serene beaches of Miami, people are indulging in organic herbal nail baths and seaweed wraps. Moving over to Austin and San Francisco, the craze is all about eco-friendly soy nail polish removers and bamboo nail strengthening treatments.

Heading towards the glamor of Los Angeles and the luxury of West Palm Beach, residents prefer crystal nail healing and rejuvenating paraffin wax treatments. The diverse treatments reflect the varied lifestyles of each city, promising something for everyone.

Across the Atlantic: European Elegance

London and Paris, the fashion capitals, are pioneering in champagne-infused manicures and French lavender nail therapies. In Amsterdam and Dublin, beer-soaked hand baths and Irish seaweed nail nourishment are the talk of the town.

Marbella and Monaco, the epitomes of luxury, are witnessing the rise of caviar nail treatments and gold leaf pedicures. Meanwhile, in Warsaw, people are leaning towards organic beeswax cuticle creams and botanical-infused nail oils.

Middle East self care.

Traversing to the opulence of the Middle East, BYOU is merging tradition with luxury. In Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, indulgence comes in the form of dates and camel milk hand masks and Arabian rose petal foot soaks.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain are embracing the richness of argan oil nail hydration and Dead Sea mineral nail masks. Notably, the city of Shenzhen in the Middle East (however, it's worth noting Shenzhen is actually in China) is a hub for innovative treatments like silk protein nail strengtheners and bamboo charcoal foot scrubs.

Asian Allure: Tradition Meets Innovation

Asia, a continent rich in diversity and tradition, is a treasure trove of nail care secrets. Tokyo and Beijing are experimenting with matcha green tea nail baths and ginseng root cuticle oils. Shanghai and Hong Kong are introducing the world to pearl powder nail masks and bird's nest nail hydration therapies.

In Bengaluru and Kuala Lumpur, the focus is on Ayurvedic nail treatments and tropical fruit cuticle creams. Meanwhile, the bustling cities of Singapore and Hong Kong are acing the game with anti-aging snail mucin hand masks and 24K gold nail rejuvenation.

BYOU: We Come to You!

No matter where you are, BYOU is your companion in self-care. With virtual lessons tailored for every individual, mastering different kinds of nail and pedicure treatments has never been so easy and accessible. Learn, practice, and pamper yourself as we bring the world of holistic nail care right to your doorstep!

BYOU is not just an app; it’s a global self-care movement, redefining nail treatments for men and women across NYC, Miami, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, West Palm Beach, London, Amsterdam, Monaco, Warsaw, Marbella, Dublin, Paris, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Bengaluru, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Dive into the luxurious world of BYOU and embrace the joy of personalized, holistic nail care!



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