Collection: The BYOU App Revolutionizing Wellbeing in Global Metropolis cities.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, maintaining overall health and well-being has never been more crucial. Enter BYOU, the ultimate feel-good app that opens doors to an array of both virtual and in-person holistic well-being services across the globe. Whether you find yourself in the vibrant city of NYC or the historic streets of Paris, BYOU has got your wellness covered!

United States

From the city that never sleeps comes a wealth of wellness opportunities. BYOU offers personalized yoga sessions, mindfulness workshops, and organic nutrition counseling to help New Yorkers find their center amidst the chaos.

Miami & West Palm Beach
In the sunny state of Florida, BYOU brings beach yoga, aquatic therapy, and stress-relieving massage therapies, helping you relax and recharge under the sun.

Austin & San Francisco
Known for their tech hubs, these cities embrace digital wellness. BYOU provides virtual meditation, e-therapy, and personalized online fitness programs for the tech-savvy dwellers.

Los Angeles
In the heart of the entertainment industry, BYOU specializes in holistic beauty treatments, reiki healing, and celebrity-endorsed fitness regimes to keep you feeling and looking your best.


London & Dublin
In these cultural capitals, BYOU extends services like art therapy, historical walking meditation tours, and herbal wellness consultations, blending tradition with modern wellness.

Amsterdam & Paris
Indulge in the romantic vibes with BYOU’s couples’ wellness retreats, aroma therapy sessions, and gourmet healthy cooking classes.

Monaco & Marbella
Experience luxury wellness with BYOU’s VIP spa packages, yacht yoga, and personalized detox programs in these glamorous coastal cities.

Discover the power of natural wellness with BYOU’s forest bathing sessions, traditional Polish herbal treatments, and eco-friendly wellness workshops.

Middle East

Qatar & United Arab Emirates
Delve into a world of opulence with BYOU’s gold-infused spa treatments, desert meditation retreats, and personalized wellness concierge services.

Kuwait & Saudi Arabia
BYOU brings holistic wellness to the desert with camel yoga, sand dune meditation, and traditional Middle Eastern herbal therapies.

Explore the island’s ancient wellness secrets with BYOU’s sea salt therapies, pearl facials, and Arabian horseback riding meditation.

(Note: Shenzhen is in China, not the Middle East) BYOU offers a blend of traditional Chinese medicine, Tai Chi sessions, and innovative tech wellness solutions.


Tokyo & Beijing
In these bustling metropolises, BYOU provides zen garden meditation, sumo fitness classes, and ancient tea ceremony mindfulness sessions for a harmonious balance.

Shanghai & Hong Kong
Embrace the vibrant city life with BYOU’s skyscraper yoga, harbor wellness cruises, and neon light meditation sessions.

Bengaluru & Kuala Lumpur
Discover the roots of holistic wellness with BYOU’s Ayurvedic treatments, jungle meditation retreats, and traditional dance fitness classes.

In this Garden City, BYOU brings green wellness with botanical garden meditation, eco-friendly spa treatments, and sustainable nutrition workshops.

BYOU’s global reach ensures that no matter where life takes you, your well-being remains a priority. From the serene beaches of Miami to the historic streets of Warsaw, from the opulent deserts of Qatar to the bustling streets of Tokyo, BYOU is your companion in wellness, offering a personalized and holistic approach to overall health.

Open up the world of wellness with BYOU app, your passport to personalized well-being services, whether virtual or in-person, across the continents. With a diverse array of services tailored to each city’s unique vibe and culture, BYOU is not just an app; it’s a global wellness community, bringing people together in their pursuit of a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. Join us in exploring well-being across the globe, and let BYOU be your guide in this enriching journey towards ultimate well-being!

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