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Boxing as an ideal workout? What does boxing do to your body?

The sport of boxing involves trying to knock out your opponent as quickly as possible. But boxing is more than that. Boxing is cardio and strength training at the same time and is good for the whole body. Boxing makes you stronger and improves your overall health. You also train your balance, coordination, responsiveness and agility.

Boxing also reduces your stress levels and you burn extra calories - a powerful combination to get rid of belly fat.

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Boxing for ladies
Although many people really think of boxing as a man's sport, the number of ladies taking up boxing is growing tremendously. And rightly so, it gets you in better shape, your muscles grow and most importantly it is super fun to do.

Boxing as the perfect workout
Boxing is a form of HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training). In HIIT training, you erase periods of high-intensity exercise with active rest periods. And did you know that while boxing, you burn as many as 13 calories per minute?

Boxing and anti-stress
Suffering from stress, high workload or feeling agitated? Go boxing. You get to kick and punch freely, so you can let off steam. And all that action releases endorphins, so you'll leave the workout smiling.

Full-body workout
Most forms of cardio training focus primarily on the lower body. With boxing, on the other hand, most of the movement comes from the upper body. Boxing is great for a full-body workout. In doing so, it is challenging and undoubtedly takes you out of your comfort zone, but in a safe way. Your body moves naturally, but at a fast pace.

Kickboxing is often seen as dangerous and really something for men, but nothing could be further from the truth. The martial art is becoming increasingly popular among women as well. Kickboxing is a variant of boxing in which you are allowed to use both your hands and your legs. Punches from regular boxing are combined with kicks from sports such as karate and taekwondo.

What is kickboxing good for?
Because your whole body is in action, combined with boxing techniques, a lot of fat is burned during an intense workout. From 475 to as much as 830 kcal per hour. Moreover, you train your cardiovascular system. In addition, kickboxing strengthens the body from head to toe, stimulates the mind and helps to develop a strong and positive, mental attitude.

It is important to let your body recover properly after a good boxing workout.

With one of our BYOU Massage therapists, you will help your body do just that.

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