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How we focus on the Sustainable Development Goals 

BYOU is proud to give back and positively impact the world around us. Our goal is to empower people to work for themselves and to create more freedom in their lives. Most importantly, we want to align and support Sustainable Development Goals that will ensure work for all, gender equality, and so many other vital steps to furthering global equity and prosperity.


The impact that we create as a brand worldwide for so many people is focused on several key areas. We make freedom for people worldwide, not by fighting in a way and not by fighting in political arenas, but by providing a platform for everyone to come together as one collective unit. BYOU and its staff aim to be thought leaders in the world of sustainability and equality.


Our goal as a brand is to support a world without borders, without limits for anyone. We want to provide people with the opportunity to have more freedom and more time. By allowing people to work for themselves and make significant decisions on their schedule and needs, we help people find the precious time that will improve their lives and the quality of their daily routines. 


Our Focus on Sustainable Development Goals

As on the United Nations website, there are several Sustainable Development Goals that nations, firms, and people adhere to daily to further their support of the planet and the population. As of 2023, BYOU is focused on the following key Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Decent work for all and economic growth in all continents and countries

Our platform offers people the unique opportunity to make their schedules, earn as much as they wish, and provide free access to our application regarding economic growth and work for all. In addition, we give business owners the tools to achieve what they desire and have their dreams' schedule. 

  • Gender equality

BYOU does not discriminate based on gender. All business owners and service providers are welcome on our page, regardless of age, gender, or experience. We allow people to earn work on equal terms, with a platform that offers excellent support for each business owner or client that uses BYOU.

  • Reduce inequality within and among countries

Creating a new application that gives people the time to develop their schedules and work on their terms has opened up new work opportunities. We are contributing positively to the goal of people having equal opportunities for success worldwide. With further expansion, we will help even more people today.

  • Global partnerships to ensure sustainable growth

 Every partnership that we focus on curating must be positive, sustainable, and ethical. At BYOU, we believe that the business partners we keep help push our sustainability goals even further. That's why we only work with people who can support our mission and our Sustainable Development Goals for a more positive future for all.

Our focus as an application and company is always on the future. That's why we have created our company: to carve out a possible more prosperous future, one that will allow the next generation to enjoy these successes as they become contributing members of society.


How We Impact Our Global Community

BYOU has been focused from the start on the power of global partnerships and thought leadership. As a result, we provide people with the platform they need to offer their services and products, virtually or in person at their convenience. From beauty experts to coaches to lifestyle providers, we give people the chance to interact with a community platform that will support their goals and provide them with an opportunity to make a decent living on their terms.

A Focus on Our Community and Our Partners

Our impact focuses on working with creative people, artisans, service providers, and more. Many artisans create works by hand and from their own home countries. They sell their products on our platforms, which helps reduce inequality within countries and regions of the world such as Africa, South America, and Asia. 


We believe our purpose is to help all human beings while also earning a profit for their talents. Working with global partners will continue to impact the international community. Our vision is to consistently come together as a community and collaborate on a worldwide scale. We also partner with people who educate women to become independent and create decent work and do what they love.


Using data and technology to create a sustainable future, BYOU is focused on our community first and our partnerships, ensuring that we make a sustainable home for all creators. By providing them access to our proprietary platform, we help, educate, support, and help each creator along the way to their independence in their craft.

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