BYOU Lifestyle services

How you take care of your lifestyle says a lot about how you prioritize selfcare. As individuals, hectic schedules from personal, family and work life can be so consuming. Tending to the bare minimal is what is often observed. However, is that truly enough to warrant a healthy lifestyle?


A healthy lifestyle looks at taking care of the entire body mentally, physically, emotionally, recreationally, and spiritually. When you engage in an active lifestyle you function better as an entire person thus granting you the opportunity to give more of yourself.  


As you sit at home, work, or in your hotel room, you can bask in the convenience of lifestyle services right at your fingertips within the comfort of your personal space.  


Here at BYOU, we are excited and eager to offer the lifestyle services of personal training, nutrition coaching, yoga, Pilates, dance class, and boxing.


Understanding our Lifestyle Services at BYOU 


As you think about which beauty service you will sign up for, here’s an idea of what to expect. 


BYOU Personal Training: Do you have a specific goal you want to achieve? Do you want your body to truly mirror the image you have within your mind? Personal training will be perfect for you. Our trainers listen clearly to your desires and use their expertise to make it a reality. From the comfort of your personal space, you will be given the opportunity to put in the work necessary and watch yourself hit the milestones that were once a dream. The great thing about personal training is that it will help you with accountability which is a key aspect of achieving your personal goals and maintaining them.


BYOU Nutrition Coaching: Often eating is just about feeling full and satisfied. Have you ever spent the time to understand the specific food groups associated with specific health aspects? A nutrition coach will teach you about the various food groups and teach you how to pair them to receive the nutritional benefits at their optimum levels. Nutrition coaching goes hand-in-hand with personal training as it aids in committing and achieving  


BYOU Yoga - the beauty about yoga is it grants psychical fitness as well as mental clarity and relief from varying physical ailments. Yoga helps one with goal achievements and an increased determination. 


BYOU Pilates - this specific exercise focuses on the mind and body. It teaches one to tap into the full control of the body. It also integrates the importance of mindfulness and breath work. 


BYOU Nutrition Advice - improving your lifestyle means being deliberate about what you choose to eat on a daily basis. We are equipped with insightful nutrition coaches who spend the time to listen and find the best way to incorporate healthful nutritional practices in your lifestyle choices.  


BYOU Dance Class - for the love of dance, desire to learn how to dance or to just increase physical exercise in an exciting form, this is for you. Our dancing instructors are totally passionate at what they do and are eager to watch you advance in places that you wouldn’t have imagined. 


BYOU Boxing - this activity taps into exercise, self defense, confidence, increased strength, and coordination. Boxing teaches you to push against 


Final Thoughts

Leading a lifestyle of purpose starts with becoming enrolled in activities that feeds the mind positively both mentally and emotionally. Here at BYou this is and always is our priority.

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