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What is a BYOU nutritionist and what are the benefits for you?

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A nutritionist is an expert in the field of nutrition. The nutritionist is also called a food expert or nutritionist.

Nutritionists are generally engaged in giving lectures at schools and companies, for example, but they may also work from their own practice and as a freelancer on the BYOU app.

Nowadays there are specific training programs to become a nutritionist. During training, a lot of time is generally spent on nutrition and health.

Because nutritionists can have different backgrounds, a nutritionist may know a lot about nutrients but little about behavior change, for example.

Having knowledge and experience about behavior change is essential if you want to be helped to achieve your goals.

It is further good to know that a nutritionist is not a protected profession. For example, your neighbor can call himself a nutritionist.

It is also common, for example, for a personal trainer to call himself a nutritionist for convenience.

BYOU Dietitians and nutritionists and other professions
You may be wondering what other differences there are between, say, a dietitian and a nutritionist or other professions.

We'll go over these professions with you!

Weight consultant profession.
A weight consultant helps clients with weight problems according to the guidelines good nutrition of the health council to a healthy diet. This is not done using a diet, but through dietary and exercise advice.

A weight consultant is not allowed to give advice for medical complaints. They can only counsel people with a higher BMI and/or medical complaints if it concerns regular nutritional advice, without deviating from the guidelines set by the Health Council.

For people with medical complaints, the treating physician is also consulted. In some cases, the client may lose weight within the guidelines. Then the counseling can start.

Just as a nutritionist is not a protected profession, so is a weight consultant. Therefore, it is important to check whether a weight consultant is affiliated with the professional association of weight consultants (BGN). You are then more certain that the weight consultant meets the quality requirements.

Dietitian profession
The dietitian profession is often associated with losing weight. An important fact is that a dietitian offers more.

A dietitian is not only an expert on nutrition, but also has knowledge about medical complaints, such as diabetes, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, malnutrition, etc.

He or she can promote physical health by treating with a particular eating pattern (diet).

A dietitian can also help improve sports performance, correct eating problems such as emotion eating and support you in developing nutritional products. For this, the dietitian may take advanced training courses.

Dietitians can be found in various workplaces, such as hospitals, in nursing and care homes, sports clubs, etc. But there are also many dietitians with their own practices.

Since the title dietitian is a protected profession, you cannot just call yourself a dietitian. To do so, you must have completed a four-year college education in "Nutrition and Dietetics.

A dietitian is aware of dietary hypes, learns how the body works, what effect nutrition has on it and a basic how to guide and motivate people. Dietary advice is delivered and substantiated on a customized basis.

After training, the dietitian can register for the quality register of paramedics. This quality register encourages dietitians to continue to develop and educate themselves so that they can continue to provide as much quality as possible.

A dietitian who specializes in lifestyle coaching or behavior change has more knowledge and experience to help people change than a nutritionist.

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