LJM Training London

LJM Training London

Why I do what I do
I have always had a deep interest in fitness and improving one's physical body.

First I started with martial arts at an early age and transitioned into combat sports in my teens, then completing my honours degree in Sports science. I supplemented my drive for knowledge by being a personal trainer and sports massage therapist to better understand the body.

I try to inspire others into discovering their own passion for fitness and to be surprised with what their body is truly capable of.

How I do it
I Combine a lifetime of experience in martial arts, bodybuilding, and sports massage therapy with a scientific mind and research based approach.

I tailor bespoke training and nutrition programs for each individual client and their goals.

What I do
I offer my services as an accomplished personal trainer to help clients achieve body confidence - through fat loss and building muscle.

I'm also well versed in injury management, helping clients get back to enjoying life previously held back by niggles, aches and pains.

Clients who want to get fitter get tested high intensity interval training coupled with boxing and Muay Thai for the ultimate stress relief and Hiit experience.

What clients can expect is my full undivided attention to their goals, and a wealth of knowledge built from an obsession in all things fitness.

Services & prices:

Personal Training one to one
- 1 hour (external) £90
- 1 hour (internal) £80

Group PT
- 1 hour 2pax £40, 3pax £30 4pax £25

Serviced areas/ contact:
Mayfair, Soho, Kensington, Piccadilly Circus, St James.

Mon - Fri

LJM Training London

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