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Holistic approach to exercise by Regina Ulloa London

“I have 25 years of experience teaching and helping people to achieve their goals; and because I hold so many different diplomas, I can offer comprehensive and integrative classes and sessions. Learn everything in one place.”

Why I do what I do
My love for physical movement and exercise started when I was 4 years old and attended my first dance class. Since then, dance and dance training became part of who I am and how I approach physical activity and muscle work. Over the years, my curiosity and desire for knowledge lead me to add many more diplomas. I experienced how rewarding it was to teach and pass on all I have learned, helping people connect with their bodies, mind, and soul and achieve any goal.

How do I do it:
I am a certified Dance teacher, Pilates Instructor, Level 3 Advance Personal Trainer, Pre and Postnatal Instructor, Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor and Yoga Teacher 375hs. Also hold diplomas in Circuit training, core stability, Advance Resistance Training, Barre a terre and Ultimate Fat Loss. I have been teaching groups and 1 to 1 class for more than 25 years. I discovered the benefits of incorporating techniques and exercises from all the different disciplines I know, I love to combine them and give people the greatest number of tools to achieve any goal.

What I do
I teach group or 1 to 1 class, in all disciplines or a fusion of all.....Is your choice! Seeing people’s happy faces when they discover something about themselves and reach a goal, is the best part of the journey.


“I not only achieved the physical goals I set for myself with Regina, she also introduced me and help me to understand nutrition and its effect in the body and mind. Truly happy!”

“I did Yoga with Regina and she had a great approach to connecting with the body. Most of the time we move copying an exercise without making it our own. She taught me how different we all are and how amazing that is.”

Services & Prices

Outdoor London SE15, 14, 4, 22
Personal Training 1 to 1

1 hour online £40
1 hour outdoor £60
Group Personal Training (minimum 3 people)

1 hour outdoor £20 per person
Yoga Class
1 hour online £30 75 min online £35 90 min online £40
Barre class
50 min online £30
Pilates class
45 min online £25

1 hour online £30
1 hour Yoga/Pilates classes

mix and match, pack of 5 classes £130.

Expires in 2 months from purchase.


Contact Monday

7 to 11 am 4 to 8 pm


7 to 11 am 4 to 8 pm

7 am to 2 pm
8 am to 1 pm




Holistic approach to exercise by Regina Ulloa london

Holistic approach to exercise by Regina Ulloa london

Holistic approach to exercise by Regina Ulloa london

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